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Pregnancy and Thai Massage

Pregnant woman being massage

Pregnancy and Thai Massage

Supine position

What do you need to know about Pregnancy and Thai Massage? It may bring her to a complete seated position, but don’t do traditional Thai way of crossing her legs and pulling her up. Here would compress her belly. Instead, gently ask your client to come to a seated position, as you help to push her forward from behind.

Side position

The initial work in reclining supine position, bring your client into the normal side-lying Thai position. Place one leg over the other, draping one arm over the other. Thai Massage position her head on a high, firm pillow. I like to use a tubular pillow in front of the chest so the upper arm can drape comfortably. Don’t push the tubular pillow too firmly into her stomach and try to keep her top leg bent at approximately a 90-degree angle.

Now you can begin your legwork. Also, Butterfly-press, palm-press, thumb walk, and work the points on the female-dominant (left) leg first, and then work on her sub-dominant leg. In the side position photo above, for example, you could first work on the medial (inside) aspect of the left leg, then proceed to the lateral (outer) aspect of her right leg. Prepared by seo agency in Chicago. When she is flipped onto her other side, you would work the opposite sides of each leg, starting first with the dominant leg.

Side position Thai massage

Suggested body positioning sequences. For the first trimester, you and your client may be comfortable starting in regular supine position. Also, Pregnancy and Thai Massage for the first 15 minutes of the session. Also, Work with compresses, or use traditional Thai techniques, as you work the feet, ankles, calves, and legs. Then bring your client into side position and continue working the top lateral leg and the bottom medial leg. Continue with the hips, sacrum, back, shoulder, and neck. Flip the client to her other side and repeat the sequence. Now, if you wish, you may bring the client into regular seated position.

Work from behind on her neck, shoulders, face, and head. You can end in seated position, or you can ease her down to a supine position.


Pregnancy and Thai Massage

Pregnancy and Thai Massage


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