Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage can Boost Your Creativity

swedish massage near me

Swedish Massage near me

Do you ever feel the desire to be more creative? “Swedish massage near me is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul Create the symphony of life.”swedish massage near me It may be your second energy center (or sacral chakra) whispering to you that it is stuck and in need of expressing emotions and feelings. Yes, both are linked to your creative abilities.  Just think swedish massage near me of a song you love, the writer started with a story of raw emotion and it became a hit when the musician sang it with true feeling. Also, Creativity at its finest! If you ignore your emotions and deny your feelings, you are energetically blocking what may be the most beautiful song of your life.

Unleash your emotions and boost your Creativity

But there are simple ways to unleash your emotions and boost your creativity, even if you aren’t going to be the next Taylor Swift. How about dancing? Also, Did you know Socrates learned how to dance when he was seventy because he wanted to stay fresh and creative. Maybe  song writing and dancing aren’t  in your future, but thank goodness my dear friend Wanda Ropa came up with 6 easy (and fun) ways to boost your creative power. Wanda is a master’s level certified coach, author, and entrepreneur who specializes in helping people maximize their creative abilities, and she has developed these six simple exercises to help you boost your creativity. Go ahead and give them a try, create a symphony for your life!

Musings on 6 Easy ways to Boost your Creative Power

We are all born with creative abilities.  As infants and toddlers, we fascinated by color, light, sound, and movement and seek to understand the world around us.   We engage all of our senses as we explore this world, tasting, grabbing, and manipulating everything in our sight.  We easily entertain ourselves with toys, objects and outside elements, including dirt, sand, rain, and plants, etc.

Once our official swedish massage near me socialization begins as we start school, our natural unleashed creative potential gets restrained.  New rules are thrust upon us.  Also, We are no longer free to be curious and explore as we did before.  We now are limited to structured explorations, timed exercises for creative writing, painting, drawing, science experiments to name a few.  As we complete our years as students, enter the workforce, new responsibilities appear and the element of stress further blocks our natural creativity.  Also, We now begin to be aware of limited leisure and relaxation time and become over committed   As the years continue, less and less time exists while creative potential is suppressed and buried.

Swedish massage

So, there’s only one thing to do.  Right now make a commitment to yourself to begin to discover your creative power.  I’m not asking you to complete a novel, painting, or musical composition.  I’m giving you permission to have a little fun or diversion.  Here’s what I recommend:  each day schedule an appointment with yourself for 15 minutes where you schedule in a fun and creative activity for the next day.  Below are a few ideas to start you off.   Enjoy!

6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Creative Power

1      Take a walk outside and seek out how many different birds or animals you can spot.  For a different perspective on bird-spotting, take a look at the following comedy:

2      Switch hands where you regularly wear your watch.  Pay attention to how this experience shifts your perspective.

3      Also, Try jumping rope, spinning a top, or using a hula-hoop.

4      Take a different route home.

5      Try this Non-Dominant Hand exercise for your difficult questions:

○     On a piece of paper, draw a line to make 2 columns.

○     Write down this question on the left, with your dominant writing hand.

○     Here’s one example, try others.

○     What is the next step towards achieving balance in my life?

○     Now, answer this question with your non-dominant writing hand.

○     What answer do you get?

6      Create a creative collage or Vision Board exercise.  Using a poster board, draw 3 columns and label them:  My perfect work life, My perfect home life, My perfect life) – or let it just encompass the whole poster board.  Before you started, gather up some magazines and place them within easy access.  You will use a large sheet or poster board for your vision board collage, as well as scissors & a glue stick.  Swedish massage near me Play relaxing music of your choice.  Reflect for a couple minutes about your ideal life before you start this exercise.  Web Content Now, it’s time to tap into your intuitive voice – your intuition or your gut.  Now it’s time to give your intuition permission to turn on.  Set a timer for 30 minutes, no longer.

Swedish massage near me

Next, look at the magazines and tear out the pictures, and/or words, that you connect with  – that remind you or trigger thoughts of your ideal life.  Know that you don’t need to understand or rationalize the underlying reasons.  If you want to jot notes during this process, feel free to do so.  Also, Only collect ripped pictures for 30 minutes.  This is a timed exercise so the entire exercise will take you 60 minutes or less.

Also, take a look at the collage.  What is visually showing up on the collage?  Also, What patterns or themes do you notice?  As soon as you finished, use 5 minutes to write down what this collage means to you about your ideal life using prose or poetry to help you identify your underlying emotions and connection to your ideal life.  Pick an activity or interest that appears on your collage.  Is this something you could explore or research?      

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