Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but Swedish Massage are grateful for the abundance that’s present – love, health, family, friends, work, the joys of nature, and personal pursuits that bring us pleasure – the wasteland of illusion falls away and we experience heaven on earth.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Happy holidays and welcome to the beginning of our series on the second natural energy center known as the sacral chakra (or in Sanskrit the svadisthana).

Energy flowing through this chakra aids our ability to truly enjoy life and all its pleasures– feeling life’s abundant nature moving to us.   Yet, this area can easily get thrown off energetic course if we put our happiness on hold to meet others demands of us?  Sound familiar?

Swedish Massage Technique

If the energy in the sacral chakra is out of balance or blocked  it can often lead to depression as we forget to nurture ourselves and many physical ailments and emotional instabilities can manifest from blockages in this chakra such as low back pain, feelings of guilt, distrust, being overly sensitive and often pointing the blame to others as the cause of our pain and sadness.

This stunted growth feeling can put your creative and sexual expression on the back burner.  And unfortunately poor energy flow in this area can  lead to intimacy issues such as impotency. And sexual inhibition or exploitation (and why I chose the phrase: sexy sacral chakra).

Warning- an imbalance in our 2nd chakra can leave us feeling paralyzed with an inability to change.

Seem important enough yet to have our full focus? As we nurture and strengthen the energy in this chakra, we begin to feel the JOY of life.

Swedish Massage History

So as you can see, this chakra is pretty foundational. When it comes to preparing ourselves for an authentic life filled with pleasure, creative expression, and abundance. While all chakras are important, you can probably see by now that they are also progressive. And it is necessary to care for our fundamental needs before we can fully leverage the power of the higher chakras which we will be discussing later.


You may be asking yourself: “How do I know if I am out of balance in the sacral chakra? What if I haven’t yet manifested some of the symptoms mentioned above. Also, or even if I have how do I know. If they are a result of low or blocked energy in my sacral chakra?”

Swedish Massage Question

Excellent question!  And, that is why this week’s mini life coaching video gives you some key questions to ask yourself that can help you diagnose a lack of balance in your sacral chakra.  And, I included a little 2nd chakra homework you can do anywhere.

Find the video by clicking on the community forum tab at the top of the page. And then once inside the forum click on the “7 Natural Energy Center Training” topic. Once you click on the 7 Natural Energy. Center Training Area click on Chakra 2-week 1 and give yourself this 2nd chakra assessment.

Even if you don’t have any issues with the energy in your sacral chakra. WAIT a minute, we all have issues at times with learning how to say “no” and putting our needs first.  So, come along for the JOY ride with the upcoming techniques and exercises that will help you. Be the amazing person that you truly are.

Time to nurture yourself, feel ease in your relationships, and get in touch with your creative & sexual nature with these fun and useful exercises Coming Your Way over the next few weeks.

Enjoy the life coaching video and until next week have a safe, fun, and blessed holiday season.

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