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thai massage chicago

thai massage chicago

Thai Massage Chicago

A beautiful quote to thai massage chicago. Solidify shared during the first natural energy center or root chakra series. The root chakra (muladhara) is about getting in touch with your body and self care needs. By listening to the wisdom of your body and hearing what it is whispering or SCREAMING at you, you can unblock the energy in this core center and allow yourself to operate at a higher level. Taking care of our physical body and being aware of what it is telling us. Allows us to connect with not only our own body but with the body of the universe around us.

That’s why in this week’s video I am sharing a yoga sequence that I believe is ideal for balancing the energy of the root chakra by helping improve your physical body awareness and emotional & spiritual health. I am also very excited to bring to you aspecial gift that the guides. At Yoga Guardian have been working on just for you. We are honored to have you with us and so as a current member of Yoga Guardian; it is our free gift to you.

Thai Massage Chicago Yoga Guardian

You can gain access to the video by signing up as a subscriber inside the community forum. Just go to the forum tab at the top any page on the website and gain access by typing in your first name and email.  Also, Once inside you”ll need to click on the register button and choose a user name and password.  You can now find the video under the “7 Energy Centers Training” Area.

Also inside the forum is a Special Gift under the Screensavers area entitled. “Root Chakra Rejuvenator.”  Click on it to download the  special gift.

The gift is a unique and beautiful image containing targeted words and phrases that contain special messages designed to help balance & let the energy flow with ease through your root chakra. When you are feeling physically weak, a little ungrounded, floating too much in your thoughts and worries, wishing you were in a different place and time, and wanting life to look differently for you instantly. Also, I suggest thai massage chicago you gaze at this image while repeating the words and phrases. Let them sink into your core;  the true essence of your being. The image is designed to be a screensaver so you can look at. It at anytime (yes, work is an ideal place to use it) as you repeat the words silently to yourself.

Thai Massage Chicago Special days

I use these words and phrases myself and often to land on my feet and with my coaching clients to help them. Recharge and balance the root chakra energy. I have found this image (thai massage chicago) to be a very powerful. Beautiful guide and I want you to feel its amazing effects.

More great news! Also, This rejuvenating image is just the first in a powerful series of infographics.  We will be sending our members over the coming months. So if for example you feel your heart chakra is stagnant- more to come in the future. Also, there will be one image or screensaver for each of the 7 main chakras. You can alternate on your computer screen as you need its balancing powers. Also, I would love thai massage chicago for you to use these images to keep your energy flowing. Smoothly throughout your entire being as you step. More into the natural rhythm of your own ideal life.

By the end of our 7 Energy Center Series you will be able to diagnose your energy in each area and use the tools and information provided to rebalance your energy in each key center.

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