traditional thai massage

traditional thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage

I’m honored to introduce a new program for all the members of Yoga Guardian. It is traditional thai massage This program is a topic close to my heart and while studying in India, the yogi I trained with spent a great deal of time ensuring my knowledge would carry me back to the West.  It is now the main area of focus for my Yoga Healing Retreats.

Over the next several months we are going to be discussing the 7 natural energy centers or chakras, and we’ll share techniques to help balance each center so you radiate pure light.  Also, Thwarting our efforts for realizing our vision life.

Traditional Thai Massage Chicago

The techniques we introduce may be new to some of you while others may have varied techniques that could provide an ‘aha moment’ for the rest of us. While I’m going to be introducing some practices to help initiate the energy balance in each chakra, this is a lifelong process and there are many ways to get the energy moving.  This is where I would love your experienced input.  Be a guru and help others find their way.

We have set up an area in the forum under training titled.  “7 Natural Energy Centers Training”, with each chakra having its own focus. Take part in the unique yoga lifestyle community and share some of your energy unblocking techniques or personal breakthrough stories. Maybe traditional thai massage you use asanas, meditation, pranayama, personal transformation journaling. Also, Some other method, we’d love to have you share it with the community in the forum.

We’ll be starting off close to the earth with the root chakra next week. But until then we thought you might enjoy having a little overview of the 7 Energy Centers. Yoga Guardian in Chicago.

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