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Yoga in Chicago

Did you ever take time out and just ask the questions: “Is the way I live my life now, today, the way I want to live my life?” Most people ask themselves those questions, but not many people do anything about it. After asking those questions of herself, Wendy Billie took a radical path.  Yoga in Chicago is a path that not many people are willing to take. Along that path she made some amazing discoveries that has lead to a major transformation in how she approaches life and how she helps others experience a calmer more relaxed, healthy, and enriched lifestyle. Below is a brief introduction to Wendy’s story and a glimpse into her incredible journey…

The yearning for something different consumed her thoughts, and she was physically and mentally tired—tired of hiding from who she really wanted to be.

A story of our yoga therapists in Chicago

She was seeking peace and tranquility in a world that seeks to compress time. With an abundance of passions in her life, Wendy finally started to follow them. She took to the road on her motorcycle, hiked mountains, ran trails with her dog, read endlessly in coffee shops, and spent countless hours writing in her journal yoga in chicago as she sipped wine in locations all across the world. She even spent time training with a professional boxer to take her fitness to the next level. After much soul searching, she decided to dedicate time to truly finding herself. Also, She totally changed her life, left the corporate world, and traveled to India and Nepal where she devoted herself to rigorous and intense training with a Swami, yogi, and spiritual teacher.

Yoga Journey

For years, she had practiced yoga and had felt, for whatever reason, that it naturally came to her. Now, she wanted to dig deeper, to understand the true origins and teachings of yoga. She had dreamed of authentic yoga training in India, but could find no openings to fit her schedule.  Also, She found a school in Austria that she liked, but decided she would not settle and kept searching in India. This time, she found a school in yoga in chicago the Himalayan Mountains that had been detailed in her dreams.  There were to be three other students joining her from different parts of the world, but a week before she was to leave, the school contacted her to say that she would be the only student in attendance.  Yoga in chicago thearapist had always loved to travel alone and jumped at the opportunity to receive one-on-one training.

Yoga Classes

She was alone in a strange and completely foreign land, and yet as the taxi bounced into the darkness,  she had no sense of fear. She felt protected, and she could feel her journey unfolding.  Also, The next day she woke up to sounds of the Hindi language seeping through the wide gap in the bottom of her hotel room door, and after a loud knock, she learned that the train that was supposed to take her on her long journey to the mountains was not in operation.  A taxi whisked her to the private residence of her teacher, and it was from there that she traveled with her guru and a Swami through the vast lands of India.

Jetlag had overcome her, but she groggily realized they had arrived at the Ganges River.  The Swami with her was dressed in the traditional orange headdress. Wendy watched in anticipation as she saw him remove it, kiss it, and leave the vehicle to toss it in the river.

Yoga Second Classe

Her guru also had Wendy kiss a handful of coins to toss in the river. yoga in chicago The Swami spoke to her for the first time and explained the spiritual power of the Ganges. Also, This was her first glimpse at how powerful and spiritual her training would become.

After a slow and arduous drive to the institute, she sat on a spartan bed in a cold quiet room on the sixth floor of the seven-story facility built into the side of the mountain. This would be her home for the next eight weeks.  No TV.  No books (save those assigned for reading). Without web design.  Also, She was in a world where the staff spoke Hindi, and she was to communicating with gestures. Tourists and particularly Americans were little known or seen in this part of India.

Yoga Teacher

Her teacher told her of an old man from the south who wanted to visit the Mountain Institute; he said the man claimed to be a yogi.   A yogi is because he was married and had children, and tradition did not allow the title of yogi to one who had married. Wendy was speechless when the yogi told her that he had traveled the long distance just to work with her; learning how to cleanse her body from the inside-out, how to quiet her mind, and how to cook and eat to help her emotions and energy stay in balance.  Also, Our Massage Therapist in Chicago was learning to heal herself and to let her true self come to life.

She came to know herself again, and what she wanted to do when she returned to the States was clear. She wanted to combine her love of yoga with her talents. As a teacher to assist others to be more aware of who they are and who they wish to become. Through her own self-examination, she discovered that she had spent a lifetime denying who she was; only through finding who she really was and what she wanted could she help others. This was Wendy’s purpose in life.

Yoga Training

She decided to come back to the United States to help other people. Who are stressed out, overworked, and feeling unfulfilled. just like she had been before her journey. Yoga in chicago thearapist combined her loves for yoga and coaching to create an impassioned teaching style of yoga. Chicago Yoga helps everyone in life find their path to inner peace and reach their full potential. No longer a corporate leadership expert limited to helping only a few privileged senior executives. Wendy is now accessible to everyone across the world who is seeking. Yoga in chicago an easy and relaxed manner, to be the best version of themselves. Also, There’s no stress, no disappointments, and no judgment allowed—just supportive and nurturing feedback to help you find you.

We provide the tools and the community. Also, You can trust to help you find your path and smoothly travel down it. Join Wendy and her panel of experts at Yoga Guardian to support your unique journey of self-discovery.


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